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Myofocal SuperKid: discover the exclusive lens for children

Children are increasingly prone to the use of glasses, and is that the use of new technologies and their screens has changed the way we see the world. That’s why SuperKid Myofocal was born, a lens designed exclusively for the control of myopia in children. And it is that myopia is one of the most common visual defects and not only affects older people who over time have noticed that their vision has worsened.

After a clinical analysis that has lasted several years where the focus has been on the vision of children, it has been concluded that the use of these lenses slows down myopia by 40%.

niña con lentes miofocal superkid

Myopia in children

You may be scared to know that, in Spain, more than 20% of children between 5 and 7 years old have myopia, and it is expected that by 2050, more than 50% of the population around the world will be myopic. Therefore, taking care of our visual health has become a priority for everyone and from Optics we have a solution to try to slow down this aspect from a very young age: the SuperKid Monofocal lenses.

This type of lenses are designed for the smallest of the house with the intention of slowing down myopia from the earliest age. Myopia produces blurred distance vision, which unlike farsightedness in children, causes them to have trouble seeing the blackboard in class depending on their seat in the classroom.

How are SuperKid Myofocal lenses

SuperKid Myofocal is a lens designed for the control of myopia in children. They are designed exclusively to correct childhood myopia and also slow down the growth of myopia. Superkid Myofocal lenses have been clinically tested in a trial conducted for 5 years with boys and girls, and the conclusion is clear: they reduce the progression of myopia by 40%.

These SuperKid Myofocal lenses are ideal for children’s eyes because they are based on absolute knowledge of the retina. Its manufacture has been carried out with the latest technology and organic and lightweight materials, making them comfortable for all faces.

If you need to check your son’s or daughter’s vision because you think they have myopia and may be affecting their day-to-day, come to our Optics centers. Our visual health experts will help you choose the best model of glasses with SuperKid Myofocal lenses to cope with the myopic vision of the little one.

After delivering the prescription glasses for children, or even if what you need are children’s sunglasses adapted to their vision, we will quote you two weeks later to make an adaptation review. After this first control, we will see each other every six months to monitor and follow myopia’s progression.

How to help the effect of SuperKid Myofocal lenses

The loss of vision in confinement has led to many consequences for the eyes of all people, regardless of their age. We have spent more time in front of screens of all kinds, and although we have faced blue light with special filters on our crystals, so much effort from our eyes has taken its toll. And he has done it for everyone!

The so-called computer vision syndrome has increased in recent years, and in the smallest it has had effects as in other people. Therefore, it is important to put certain limits on screens throughout the day and try to increase outdoor activities and thus be able to rest your eyes. So it’s time to walk around and go to the park!

If you have any questions about SuperKid Myofocal lenses, come and see us and we will tell you everything you need about this new technology designed exclusively for children and the care of their visual health. We are waiting for you!

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