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Men take care of their image

In the past, it was frowned upon for a man to take care of his image, just as women do. Today, the opposite is true. Men who take care of their image even occupy high positions such as CEO. It is normal for a man to undergo an eyebrow transplant to make them look uniform and neat all the time. They also use laser hair removal, eliminating the need for shaving their bodies daily and keep their skin clean and smooth for longer. Do you think a transplant/”>hair transplant is only for those who lose hair? Some men use it to design a haircut, mustache, and beard to suit their tastes. When you see an actor or a model with a neat, well-defined beard, he has likely achieved it with a transplant, where the doctor “burns” the hair follicles where the man doesn’t want hair and inserts others where he does.

How do men take care of their image?

Men who want to look good know that they must have an athletic body to complement their image. They follow an eating plan designed by an expert nutritionist and combine it with an exercise routine that focuses on specific areas of the body. These men don’t want huge muscles but a well-contoured body. They usually focus on the legs, arms, and abdomen. They are men who buy skin creams to look younger for longer or use clear nail polish to have nice-looking hands. Finally, the smell is important. They usually use perfumes of recognized brands and according to the occasion. That is to say, they use one perfume to go to work and a different one to go to a meeting with friends or family. They are men who know how to dress well according to the occasion.

A new masculinity

Until a couple of years ago, when a man attended a well-dressed event, most people used to think that he was a homosexual. However, the time has shown that heterosexual men can convey a masculine image without affecting what other people think about their sexual orientation. The way they dress plays a key role in this. Men have learned to combine casual and formal in one outfit, surprising others wherever they go. More and more women love this new masculinity that is emerging because, in addition to generating men who take care of themselves, it generates gentlemen who treat them like princesses, and who support them in achieving their goals. A new generation of men is being born to revolutionize masculinity.

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