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4 Tips for Picking a Locum Tenens Firm

In the healthcare sector, the term locum tenens refers to medical professionals who fill temporary positions at facilities or organizations. They generally take on the roles of doctors on vacation, sick leave, or recently retired. Growing hospitals and clinics may also recruit locum tenens practitioners while searching for full-time employees. Depending on the need, assignments can last for a period of a few days or a week to months on end, and physicians can work in locums either part or full-time.

For the most part, physicians who choose to work as locum tenens doctors do so to achieve a better balance between their professional and personal lives. It’s also not uncommon for the goal to be financial in nature, whether it’s to save enough to put up a private practice or settle any existing debts. But while it’s possible to find work yourself, it’s usually a better approach to work with locum tenens companies instead. In this post, we’ll cover a few tips when choosing a compatible firm.

Explore your options

It’s never a good idea to choose the first recruiter you see. Instead, take some time to explore your options. Once you have a list of prospective candidates, set up an appointment with some of them. You don’t necessarily have to give your resume to all of them. Within a few minutes, you should be able to tell whether the staffing firm can be trusted or not. Be sure to ask for references and check for their turnover rate. This is an excellent indicator of how well the business operates.

Ask about location availability

One of the perks of working in locums is getting to travel to different parts of the country and experience many working environments. However, not all agencies can or will place doctors in different cities. For this reason, you must inquire about the availability of job opportunities in your preferred locations. If the staffing firm can’t accommodate your preferences, don’t worry. There’s bound to be a company that can give you the placement you want while finding a position that matches your specialty.

Check malpractice coverage

Another advantage of locum tenens is having malpractice coverage. So ask the agencies you’re interested in joining what their policies are, if there are any associated charges with it and if they will cover incidents that may occur while you’re under their firm, even when the assignment is over. In this way, you’ll save yourself from any nasty surprises that can come as a result of any malpractice incidents.

Travel arrangements and accommodations

Lastly, you must inquire about how they coordinate your travels from and to your assignments. Also, don’t forget to ask about the housing they provide and if you can take any family members with you.


Choosing a physician staffing firm doesn’t always have to be complicated. By following the abovementioned tips, you’ll find the ideal locum tenens firm that can meet your needs, avoid tedious administrative tasks, and help you reach your goals.

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