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3 Simple Ways To Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Our teeth are such an important part of our overall health, so making them a priority along with the rest of our health is essential. That’s why we’re here to introduce a few simple ways that you can keep your teeth healthy, from seeing your private dentist to reducing your sugar intake! These won’t be huge changes to your routine, but will make all the difference when it comes to your oral health. So, let’s get into it and help you to get your oral health up to scratch!

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

The first thing you can do to keep your teeth healthy, as well as helping the rest of your health, is to reduce your sugar intake. When you consume a sugary food or drink, the healthy bacteria on the teeth release an acid to try and break down the sugars that are harmful to the teeth, yet this acid is very damaging to the teeth. So, of course, reducing your sugar intake is really important to make sure that this acid exposure is kept to a minimum.

There are a few really simple ways to do this, such as replacing a few of your sugary drinks throughout the day with water, or swapping out sugary snacks for something healthier. Another thing you can do is to drink a glass of water after you’ve eaten or drunk something sugary, as this will help to wash away some of the sugar residue. This should never be used as an alternative to brushing or flossing of course, but can be a good intermediary until you can complete your full routine in the evening!

See Your Dentist

Another thing that you can do to keep your teeth healthy is to see your dentist! This is the most important in our list, as they will be able to give personalised advice on your oral health. This includes highlighting areas where you might be missing when brushing or flossing. They will also be able to find issues much earlier than you might notice yourself, or pick up on ones you might never have noticed until it’s far too late and you may end up losing a tooth or something even more serious. When you see your dentist in Leamington Spa every 6 months, this is the ideal amount of time for issues to be caught early, making the treatment more affordable and less invasive. Of course, if you experience any concerns between appointments, make sure you go to see your dentist sooner.

Use Products Containing Fluoride

Last but not least, you should make sure you’re using products that contain fluoride. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can help to strengthen tooth enamel, helping the teeth to become more resistant to tooth decay. You can really easily find products that contain fluoride, such as toothpaste, which helps to strengthen the teeth against the inevitable exposure to damage in daily life. This can really help your oral health!

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